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  • Do you accept school purchase orders?
    YES! Please visit our purchase orders page for more information. If your PO is ready to go, email it to
  • How long does shipping take?
    Most often we ship next day priority with USPS. You should have your order within 3-5 business days.
  • Do you ship outside the US?
    YES! Contact us before placing your order and we will give you the international shipping rates. Call 651-795-8463 or email
  • Do you offer a PGA discount?
    YES! It depends on the size of your order. Please contact us for pricing. email us at
  • Will I be charged tax?
    No, unless you live in Minnesota. If you are a non-profit in the state of MN email us to place your order without tax.
  • Do you offer rush delivery?
    YES! If you need your order right away we can overnight it. Please email us for shipping rates.
  • Is this product officially endorsed by the USGA?
    This product is not officially endorsed by the USGA. This is because they did not create nor do they own this product. All rules on the "KNOW YOUR GOLF RULES" rule cards adhere to the rules of golf with minor words changes to simplify understanding. These tags were created by golf coaches and edited by coaches, teaching professionals, and rules officials.
  • Do the rule cards cover all the rules of golf?
    No, the rule cards are golf's most common rules made easy. They were created by golf coaches and they identify situations that most commonly come into play on the golf course. The "Player's Edition of the Rules of Golf" is a 150+ page book that covers every possible situation that may occur on a golf course. It would defeat the purpose if we made a rule card for every possible rule.
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